Have you been noticing that your skin just doesn’t seem to be as tight and elastic as it was in your youth?

This is a common problem, with everything from age to environmental factors having an effect on the tightness of your skin.

While there are many topical products out there that promise to help with skin tightening, most of these do not penetrate deep enough into your skin to bring about any significant changes.

This is where Introlift’s effective skin tightening treatments come in…


A high-tech and innovative treatment, the Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening is quite a revolutionary way to tighten up the skin. In fact, it is the only cosmetic treatment out there that

What does this treatment involve?

Well, the skin is always emitting natural gasses, and the air naturally contains a voltage.

The device used for the treatment puts both of these together, using both the air’s voltage as well as the skin’s natural gasses to produce a plasma charge. This creates a small electrical arc between the tip of the device and the targeted area of skin, which has the result of instantly shrinking those targeted tissues.

What happens when those tissues shrink?

Your skin basically tightens, which then:

  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Treats scarring
  • Tightens up any excess skin, whether this may be around the eyelids, the neck, the stomach, or anywhere else
  • Improves the appearance of skin blemishes, tackling everything from sun spots to skin tags

With each electrical arc that is created by the device during this treatment, a small carbon crust (which looks like a tiny polka dot), appears.

These dots stick around for about a week or so, after which they lift off.

Underneath, you will find fresh, new skin, giving you a smoother, tighter and brighter complexion.

The polka dot effect may not sound like fun, but the 7 to 10 day downtime that this treatment has is still less than what you would expect from invasive surgery. These results will last just as long, because this treatment literally reduces the volume of your skin.

Results are immediate and keep improving several weeks after the treatment too. You can expect to see final results about eight weeks later.

Exactly how long do the results actually last for?

Just like all cosmetic procedures, even surgical ones, the effects are not permanent. However, you can expect your skin tightening results to last for several years.

Of course, there are plenty of lifestyle choices that you can make to ensure that your results really are the best they can be, such as:

  • Cutting back on alcohol consumption
  • Being vigilant about protecting your skin from the sun
  • Giving up smoking

Wondering if this treatment is safe?

Yes, especially since it is a non-invasive way of tightening your skin. However, you do need to ensure that only a fully certified technician performs this treatment on your skin, and this is exactly what you would get at the Introlift Medical Spa.


Both radio frequency technology and ultrasound technology are known to be effective when it comes to tightening the skin, and the BTL Exilis Elite treatment at Introlift combines both of these.

How does it actually work?

The device used for this treatment is held over the skin. It emits both radio frequency and ultrasound energy onto specific parts of the skin, in the form of heat. This heat is pushed deep into the skin’s layers, and this causes the fat cells that surround the heated area to warm up in temperature.

What happens then?

The fat cells soon start to die…

The body’s lymphatic system flushes the fat cells out, leaving you with a tighter and more sculpted appearance. Drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself active can help to boost this effect, as this stimulates the lymphatic system to work to its full potential.

Sounds good, right?

However, that’s not all this treatment does…

The heat that enters the skin also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin deep within your skin.

What do collagen and elastin do?

Both of these are structural proteins, meaning that they are basically the building blocks of your skin. They provide your skin with its firmness, smoothness and elasticity.

The skin naturally produces both of these proteins, and in fantastic amounts when it is young. However, as the body ages, both collagen and elastin production begin to decline, which is why wrinkles and loose skin are such common issues. It doesn’t help that various lifestyle and environmental factors, from sun exposure and pollution to your diet and fitness levels, can also degrade the collagen and elastin in your skin.

Due to the way in which this treatment not only destroys the fat cells in your skin, but also stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin, results are long-lasting.

Wondering how long it takes to actually see results?

There is a bit of a wait, due to the fact that your skin needs time to produce all of the extra collagen and elastin it has just been told to make. While some results can be seen immediately and in the days following the treatment (due to the fat cells being flushed out of the body), the real results only become visible after 90 days or so. This is usually how long it takes for your skin to produce its new collagen and elastin.


Have you been experiencing sagging and looseness on your face?

Well, Introlift’s Thread Lift treatment may be just what you need…

This is quite an innovative type of facelift, with a few unique elements that make it special:

The entire procedure can be performed in just one or two hours
Anesthesia is usually not required
Since the patients can remain awake during the procedure, they can provide their own input when it comes to the work being done, enabling them to get the exact look that they are seeking

You’re probably wondering how the Thread Lift actually works, and it is definitely pretty interesting…

You would first need to decide which parts of your face you want the treatment to target, bearing in mind that the final result would be a tighter, smoother and more lifted appearance.

Your Introlift specialist would make tiny incisions in the areas of your face you want to treat. Your specialist would then insert very fine, thin threads into these incisions, in a way that enables them to attach to the actual tissues in the skin.

Then, when these threads are pulled back, they pull the skin with it, leaving your skin looking immediately tighter.

You are probably thinking…

How are the threads then secured to the skin in order to keep it tightened?

Your specialist will knot the threads in a special way that enables them to be hidden within your skin. This also means that any scarring that results from the incisions made is miniscule.

For even better results, you could opt in for a Contour Thread Lift. This treatment makes use of clear threads, meaning that the procedure leaves virtually no trace behind.

What makes Introlift’s Thread Lift better than a conventional facelift?

A couple of things:

Due to their intensive nature, conventional facelifts often leave behind quite a bit of scarring
The Thread Lift does not have the same severity of side effects as a conventional facelift

Of course, due to the fact that the Thread Lift isn’t as intensive as a conventional facelift, it may not be a suitable option for everyone…

Who is best suited for this treatment?

Ideally, you would be someone who is only just beginning to experience looseness or sagging in your skin. Those who have this in excessive amounts will likely need a more intensive procedure.


Got a special event coming up?

Treat yourself to tighter and smoother skin at Introlift with the Pre-Event Facial, which features DMAE as one of its star ingredients.

Never heard of DMAE before?

It stands for dimethylaminoethanol. It is an antioxidant membrane stabilizer, meaning that it not only strengthens individual skin cells, but it also protects them from free radicals.

It is the strengthening effects of DMAE that are most sought after with this treatment, as this brings about several benefits, such as:

  • An increase in skin tightness and elasticity
  • An increase in skin firmness and smoothness
  • A reduction in the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles
  • A brighter complexion

When DMAE is applied deep into the skin, it also has muscular tightening effects, which, again, makes the skin look even tighter and smoother.

Of course, the antioxidant properties that DMAE has are important too, as these provide the skin with longer term protection. Free radicals are created in the skin on a daily basis, and they cause so much destruction. This accumulates in the skin, resulting in permanent damage being caused to the DNA within skin cells.

Antioxidants are able to neutralize these harmful free radicals, turning them into healthy molecules instead. With the antioxidant properties of DMAE being quite strong, this is a fantastic ingredient for protecting your skin.

So, what does Introlift’s Pre-Event Facial actually involve?

It combines a few different Introlift treatments, with a chemical peel being one of them.

This is the part of the treatment that makes use of DMAE, along with several other exfoliating ingredients.

Don’t worry, the strength of the peel is a light one, meaning that there is zero downtime and you will be able to leave the spa with a noticeably fresher, tighter and brighter complexion.

  • The facial combines the chemical peel with either a radio frequency or ultrasound treatment. Your Introlift specialist will discuss your skin concerns with you in order to decide which treatment would be most suitable for accompanying your chemical peel.

That’s not all the Pre-Event Facial offers…

This treatment also involves LED light therapy to target any specific skin concerns you may have.

Never tried LED light therapy before?

It’s an advanced treatment that makes use of different wavelengths of LED lights, which you would see as different colors.

Each color targets a specific range of skin concerns, so the colors used on your skin would depend on what you are trying to treat.

Here are some examples of what the different wavelengths of LED lights can treat:

  • Red Lights – effective at increasing collagen production by up to five times, while also stimulating the growth of new skin cells. This makes it fantastic for targeting fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin and a loss of elasticity
  • Blue Lights – if you have oily or acne-prone skin, the blue lights are for you. These target and destroy any acne-causing bacteria on the surface of your skin, as well as from within your pores. Their anti-inflammatory effects help to tackle current breakouts, significantly reducing any acne lesions you may have. As an added bonus, blue lights also stop your skin from over-producing sebum, therefore reducing oiliness
  • Amber Lights – boosts lymphatic flow and blood circulation, making it great for detoxing the skin. Amber lights are incredibly calming and soothing for the skin, meaning that they are not only suitable for sensitive skin, but can even help to treat certain inflammatory skin conditions, such as rosacea

The Introlift Medical Spa offers all of these, and can even combine different wavelengths for a more specialized treatment.

True skin tightening is almost impossible to achieve with just topical products, but many people do not feel comfortable opting for intensive cosmetic procedures. This is why the skin tightening treatments offered at the Introlift Medical Spa are so unique, because they provide very similar results to intensive procedures, but without any of the associated downtime, side effects and costs!

Get in touch with Introlift today if you are interested in learning more about any of the above treatments.