Aiming for brighter, more radiant skin, but scared about committing to dermatological treatments? Worried that you’ll be spending for multiple sessions, but see no changes on your skin?

If you’ve ever struggled with acne scars, enlarged pores, or pigmentation issues, you’ve probably heard that skin polishing treatments may solve all of your skin problems. The thing is, skin polishing treatments require commitment—not to mention, going for multiple sessions isn’t exactly cheap, too!

So, it’s no surprise if you’re still on the fence about booking an appointment for a skin polishing treatment.

Good thing, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about skin polishing treatments and the different options that are offered here at the Introlift Med Spa Fort Lauderdale. Hopefully, this information can help you discern if skin polishing treatments are actually good for you!

What is Skin Polishing?

Woman having microdermabrasion treatment

Minimally invasive yet still effective, skin polishing treatments are used target and address different skin concerns and issues. They typically work through exfoliating the skin — they remove the dead skin cells on the skin’s top layer to even out the skin’s texture, while also addressing other concerns such as uneven skin tones.

The most common skin polishing treatment is microdermabrasion, which is designed to help with issues such as melasma, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. This treatment can be done either professionally, such as here at the Introlift Med Spa Fort Lauderdale, or at home.

Chemical peels are also a form of skin polishing treatments — these make use of high potency acids to improve the skin’s appearance. Again, you’ll find this treatment offered by Introlift

Generally, however, skin polishing treatments are more often used to associated with microdermabrasion treatments. As such, we’ll be delving deeper into this specific treatment.

All About Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of the skin’s top layer through the use of a handheld device. This gently exfoliates the skin and removes its top layer, triggering the body’s self-healing mechanism as a response. This results in brighter, younger-looking skin with a more even complexion.

Microdermabrasion targets skin issues such as dullness and rough skin. Additionally, it is effective in improving the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring, and sun damage. Generally, this treatment renews and rejuvenates the skin to make it more youthful and radiant.

Microdermabrasion treatments are suitable for most skin types and complexions. They have also been proven to be quick, painless, and effective. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, the procedure should only take around 30 minutes for the face, and 20 minutes for the neck.

Types of Microdermabrasion Treatments

Woman having microdermabrasion treatment

Though the principle behind them is the same, different microdermabrasion treatments utilize different methods to slough off the skin’s topmost layer.

Here’s how each one works:

Crystal Microdermabrasion

This treatment makes use of fine particles of aluminum oxide to sand away the skin’s dead cells. A handheld device sprays aluminum oxide crystals onto the skin at high speed, allowing it to efficiently and effectively exfoliate the skin. At the same time, an attached vacuum sucks away the dirt and dead skin, keeping the face clean!

This procedure requires very little downtime, and shows visible results just after one session. It’s also the perfect choice in removing acne scars, as well as wrinkles near the nose and mouth. With aluminum oxide’s antibacterial qualities, this treatment performs well in controlling acne, too!

However, people with sensitive skin types may want to be a bit careful with this treatment, as it can be a tad too strong and sensitizing.

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Does spraying crystals all over your face sound too much for you? Why not try a diamond microdermabrasion procedure instead?

This microdermabrasion treatment uses a handpiece with a diamond tip instead of crystals. This makes for a gentler exfoliation process, since the depth of exfoliation can be controlled depending on how much pressure the aesthetician uses.

This is perfect for sensitive areas that have thin skin, such as the area around the eyes. if you have sensitive skin, you may want to opt for this one, too!


A fairly new method of microdermabrasion, this method involves the use of dermal infusion products along with crystal-free exfoliation. The goal of this treatment is to stimulate collagen production, and maximize the skin’s ability to absorb different products.

Microdermabrasion kits are also sold in the market. These allow you to do microdermabrasion by yourself, in the comfort of your home. Typically, microdermabrasion kits are used once a week for up to eight weeks.

Of course, microdermabrasion is a procedure best done by a professional. It’s best to leave a delicate procedure like this in the hands of people who know how to best care for your skin using these treatments.

If you’re on the lookout for a reliable treatment that shows great results, why not check out Introlift’s Microdermabrasion Treatment, which you can find at the med spa Fort Lauderdale branch? This gentle treatment requires no downtime, and is great for diminishing dark spots, lightening hyperpigmentation, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

If you’re iffy about undergoing manual exfoliation, the Introlift Med Spa Fort Lauderdale also has the RQ Aqua Facial Lift, a hydradermabrasion procedure. This targets fine lines, wrinkles, and congested pores, while also providing other benefits of skin polishing treatments, which we’ll be talking about below.

Benefits of Skin Polishing Treatments

Woman looking at skin in mirror

There’s so much that skin polishing treatments can offer at such a short time, which is why it’s a good investment to consider.

Skin polishing treatments generally target key issues such as dull and uneven skin, acne scars, and even wrinkles.

But there’s still more.

Here are the key benefits of using skin polishing treatments on the skin:

It Controls Acne

Acne is caused by the blockage of hair follicles, usually by a combination of oil and dead skin cells. When bacteria enter these clogged follicles, inflammation can occur, resulting in acne.

But with skin polishing treatments, particularly microdermabrasion, this threat is reduced!

Because microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells and reduces sebum production, acne-causing factors are minimized. The result? You become less susceptible to acne breakouts.

It Smooths Fine Lines and Wrinkles

One of the main factors behind the formation of fine lines and wrinkles is a loss of collagen. As we age, collagen production in the skin declines, making it less firm and elastic. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles are more obvious, along with other signs of aging.

Microdermabrasion stimulates the skin’s natural healing process, which involves an increase in collagen production. This helps the skin regain the firmness and elasticity it initially lost. New collagen can also help fill in the fine lines on the face, smoothing them out and making the skin look younger. Aside from this, it certainly makes deeper lines softer and less visible.

It Evens Out the Complexion

Through constant exfoliation, the skin gradually becomes able to replace your damaged skin cells with newer, healthier ones. The result? You get rid of your age spots gradually, making your skin tone more even!

But that’s not all.

Melanin is responsible for giving people our skin’s natural pigment. However, excessive melanin production in some areas of the face – usually because of sun damage and other factors – can cause hyperpigmentation.

Microdermabrasion helps slow down melanin production. This helps treat hyperpigmentation, and make your complexion more even and uniform! Head on over to the Introlift Med Spa Fort Lauderdale to learn more. 

It Reduces the Appearance of Acne Scars

Superficial acne scars typically develop as a result of collagen degradation where acne breakouts are healing. This usually results in atrophic scars—indentations that develop when the skin is unable to regenerate enough.

With microdermabrasion, though, these scars can easily be treated. Because this treatment boosts collagen production, the indentations left by atrophic scars are easily filled in and smoothed.

It Diminishes Pore Size

Pores usually get enlarged because of acne or constant sun damage. Oil and product build up can also clog the pores, making them more obvious.

Luckily, microdermabrasion can help with this!

Because of its ability to remove dirt, debris, and excess sebum on the skin and in the pores, microdermabrasion can reduce pore size. It directly addresses the causes of enlarged pores—so, it makes sense that it can make pores look smaller!

It Helps with Stretch Marks

Stretch marks result from sudden fluctuations in weight, causing collagen fibers in the skin to get damaged. Microdermabrasion addresses this problem through stimulating collagen production. This helps the skin in repairing itself, causing stretch marks to look less visible.

In fact, a study found that microdermabrasion is as effective as topical tretinoin in making stretch marks less obvious. These benefits are compounded when microdermabrasion is paired with other treatments that target stretch marks, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Again, you’ll find these treatments at the Introlift Med Spa Fort Lauderdale. 

It Helps the Skin Absorb Products More Effectively

The exfoliating process that microdermabrasion utilizes helps in increasing skin permeability. Because dead skins are buffed out, dead skin cells do not get in the way of the skin becomes absorbing products applied topically. In addition, microdermabrasion temporarily weakens the skin’s protective barrier, which allows products to readily penetrate deep into the skin.

This is especially beneficial in absorbing serum infusions, which are often used alongside microdermabrasion.

It Makes Other Cosmetic Procedures More Effective

With skin polishing treatments’ exfoliating properties, it becomes the perfect precursor to other cosmetic procedures for the skin, as it boosts their effectivity. For instance, serum infusing treatments can penetrate the skin well post-microdermabrasion.

Risks and Side Effects of Microdermabrasion

Woman having microdermabrasion treatment

Skin polishing treatments – and microdermabrasion in particular – have their benefits. But they have their risks and side effects, too, despite their non-invasive nature.

Microdermabrasion, for instance, is not recommended for people who have taken isotretinoin in the past six months, as they have added risk of post-treatment complications such as scarring.

Additionally, while microdermabrasion requires no downtime, some people who undergo the treatment may experience redness after the treatment. More serious side effects include skin swelling, bruising, and a burning or stinging sensation.

Since skin polishing treatments are all about exfoliating the skin, it’s also imperative that moisturizer and sunscreen be used post-treatment. This ensures that the skin is taken care of, especially since it may become increasingly sensitive to the sun. If you opt for a microdermabrasion treatment at the Introlift Med Spa Fort Lauderdale, our trained specialists will go through the aftercare requirements with you. 

Is Skin Polishing Worth It?

Judging simply from the benefits and side effects of getting skin polishing treatments, the answer to this question is a resounding yes!

Skin polishing treatments will do the skin a lot of good, and they’re also proven to be effective. It’s because they show results that microdermabrasion remains one of the most commonly used anti-aging treatments worldwide!

Skin polishing is especially recommended if you’re looking to minimize the appearance of your pores, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and fine lines.

But, all skin types can benefit from this treatment!

Just a note, though—microdermabrasion has its best results when done regularly, so be prepared to do this on a monthly basis. Fortunately, the Introlift Med Spa Fort Lauderdale makes this easy and convenient. Once you do commit to this, be ready to get amazed by the benefits this will bring for your skin!

Alternatives to Microdermabrasion

Woman having chemical peel

Does microdermabrasion sound too harsh or too much for you? Still hoping to reap the benefits of skin polishing treatments, but without going through the microdermabrasion process?

Well, good news — you can check out chemical peels as well!

Also a type of skin polishing treatment, chemical peels use acids (rather than mechanical exfoliants like crystals) to gently exfoliate the skin. This treatment affects both the skin’s epidermis (outer layer) and dermis (middle layer), which makes it perfect for conditions that go deeper into the skin.

Just like microdermabrasion, this procedure is great for targeting issues like acne, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, and scarring.

However, this treatment may later cause redness and (literal!) peeling of your skin for around 1 to 2 weeks, so make sure to keep that in mind before booking a session.

If you’re sure about trying out a chemical peel procedure, you can never go wrong with Introlift’s chemical peel treatments! Our Advanced Corrective Peel is a great bet for first-timers looking to even out their skin tone, and improve their overall complexion.

If you’re looking to target specific issues, why not try out our Micropeel Plus 20 Solution? This one is perfect for acne-prone skin, as it dissolves sebum and cellular debris in pores.

These treatments are sure to give you the glowing skin you’ve always wanted, and all are offered at the Introlift Med Spa Fort Lauderdale. 

Regardless of whether you choose microdermabrasion or chemical peel treatments, skin polishing will certainly do wonders for your skin. And, with the benefits you can get from them, with such minimal risks or side effects, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment for you and your skin.

Hopefully, this article was able to help inform you better about skin polishing treatments, and just why they’re a good bet.

Here’s to radiant skin ahead!