Female patient receiving facial massage

Nobody would say no to an instant beauty boost, which is why the four facial add-on treatments at the Introlift Medical Spa are becoming increasingly popular.

Whether you have a special event coming up, or simply want to up your beauty game, here are four treatments that will give you instant results.


You probably think that a 60 second face lift sounds too good to be true, but this is exactly what the Pre-Event 60 Second Face-Lift offers.


It’s all thanks to the innovative, advanced formula that is used.

The solution is applied to the skin, and it takes about 60 seconds for it to soak in and begin working its magic.

What does the Pre-Event 60 Second Face-Lift actually do to the skin?

It dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines, making your skin appear so much smoother and clearer. It also targets any sagging that you may have in your skin, giving your face a firmer and more lifted appearance.

How long do the results last for?

That depends on how many times you have the facial done…

If it is your first time, then the results will last for about 10 hours, or until you wash your face. However, if you have had the facial a few times before, then you can expect the results to last for longer.

You probably want to know more about the ingredients used in this fast-acting facial…

Well, of course, the exact formula is a secret, but some of the ingredients worth knowing about include:

  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 – due to this ingredient being made from one of the proteins found in Botox, this peptide has similar effects to Botox, but without the need for injections. After it has been absorbed by the skin, it inhibits facial muscular activity, therefore preventing expression lines from forming. It also has a noticeable tightening effect, with these results improving the more you use the ingredient
  • Hyaluronic Acid – hyaluronic acid is a humectant, meaning that it draws in moisture and holds on to this, delivering it to your skin as and when your skin cells need it. Since it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid has an immediate plumping effect when applied to the skin. Its hydrating properties minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while giving the skin a vibrant, dewy glow
  • Mica – mica is a mineral that has quite a unique effect. When applied to the skin, this powder reflects the light, creating the illusion of soft, smooth and radiant skin. You definitely won’t need to use any filters on your photos when you have mica on your face
  • Gold – this luxurious ingredient has a lightening and brightening effect on the skin. It also stimulates blood circulation, giving your complexion a natural, rosy glow
  • Avocado Oil – this botanical is intensely nourishing, and makes a fantastic moisturizer says Angie, a professionally-trained esthetician. This is key when it comes to prolonging the results of all of the other ingredients mentioned above. Avocado oil will lock all of these other ingredients in, while also helping to keep the skin hydrated.


Have you got any peach fuzz on your face that you would love to get rid of?

That’s what dermaplaning does, along with giving the skin a deep exfoliation.

How does dermaplaning work?

The treatment makes use of a surgical-grade scalpel. Don’t worry, the scalpel isn’t used to cut your skin! Instead, the scalpel is scraped over the skin’s surface, which not only removes facial hair, but also dead skin cells.

The result is smoother, brighter and clearer skin.

You are probably wondering if dermaplaning hurts…

Don’t worry, it isn’t painful at all. In a way, the process is similar to shaving, which, when done correctly, doesn’t hurt either.

Tempted to get your own blade to try dermaplaning your face yourself at home?

This is something that you definitely should not do!

The blades that are available from retailers will not be sharp enough, or effective enough, to give you a professional result. You will likely only end up cutting your skin, which could then lead to scarring.

As mentioned above, dermaplaning is an add-on treatment. It is an ideal procedure to have before opting for one of the other treatments offered at Introlift, because the way in which dermaplaning clears away dead skin cells means that any other ingredients you apply afterwards will be able to penetrate even deeper into your skin.

Whether you opt for a facial, microdermabrasion treatment, or even Laser Skin Rejuvenation, dermaplaning will make all of those treatments so much more effective.

Is dermaplaning suitable for everyone?

It works well on all skin types, but there are a couple of exceptions:

  • Those who have extremely sensitive, reactive skin, as the process will likely irritate your skin even more
  • Those who are dealing with a cystic acne breakout, since the blade may accidentally nick one of your pimples. However, once your breakout has cleared, the treatment could help to prevent future breakouts from occurring

What about downtime?

Since this is a non-invasive treatment, there isn’t really any downtime afterwards. You can get back to your daily routine immediately after. Ideally, you would give your skin a day or so to breathe, so try to avoid applying makeup to your face after your treatment. A hydrating serum would be best, and you can then go back to wearing makeup the next day, enjoying how your makeup glides even more smoothly over your skin.


How much time do you spend trying to perfect your brows and lashes each morning?

For many, this is the main focus of their morning makeup routine, as the brows and lashes can really make or break a look.

Well, if you give the Eyelash and Brow Tinting treatment a try, you will find that your morning beauty routine speeds by so much faster.

As you can tell from the name of this treatment, Eyelash and Brow Tinting involves dyeing the lashes and brows to give them a darker, or sometimes lighter, appearance.

Is it safe?

That depends on where you get your brows and lashes tinted! If you go with Introlift, then yes. The dyes used are safe and naturally-derived, and there are a variety of different shades to choose from.

To ensure that your skin isn’t going to react to the dye, a patch test will usually be carried out first. This will then ensure that you won’t experience an allergic reaction to the dye.

What’s the best way to pick a shade?

This is something that your technician will advise you on. They would take into account your hair color, eye color and skin tone, before recommending a shade that would work best for you.

Can’t decide whether you should go lighter or darker?

Again, your technician will provide you with plenty of advice. Generally, those with light colored hair usually suit a color that is a couple of shades darker than their roots, while those with dark hair are best off going lighter.

Wondering what the process actually involves, as well as how long it takes?

For your brows, the dye is simply applied over the top of them and then left on for a few minutes. After this, the dye is cleared away, leaving you with tinted, natural-looking brows. Don’t worry, the dye doesn’t stain the skin underneath the brows either!

For your lashes, a protective eye patch is placed underneath the bottom lash line. You would then be required to look upwards while the lower lashes are dyed.

After this, you would need to close your eyes while the technician dyes your top lashes.

The dye remains on the skin for about ten minutes, after which it is wiped away. Your lashes will immediately appear darker (or lighter, if you have gone for a lighter shade), and will also look extremely well-defined.

How long do the results last?

It depends on the individual, but the results will usually last for about a month. You can prolong this by ensuring that your brows remain well-moisturized, as keeping the hairs hydrated will enable them to hold on to their color for longer. In terms of your lashes, be gentle around your eyes, especially when removing any mascara, as this will help to extend the life of your lash dye.


Got a pimple that you just can’t seem to clear, no matter how many over-the-counter acne treatments you try?

Don’t worry, cortisone shots can help.

Never heard of cortisone shots before?

Cortisone is a type of anti-inflammatory steroid, and is often used to treat inflammatory health conditions, such as arthritis.

If you are a long-time acne sufferer, then you likely already know that inflammation plays a huge role when it comes to the onset of breakouts. Topical anti-inflammatory products can sometimes help, but these often don’t penetrate deep enough into the skin to bring about instant results.

This is where cortisone shots really stand out…

What does the treatment involve?

It involves a diluted, but potent, corticosteroid being injected directly into a pimple. The needle used for this treatment is referred to as a micro-needle, and is much smaller and finer than the needles you would encounter if you were having a vaccination done.

You don’t need to worry, the injection doesn’t hurt, it feels more like a light pinch. However, if you are concerned about the pain, you can ask your technician to numb that part of your skin before proceeding with the treatment.

What happens once the pimple has been injected?

The cortisone gets to work, imparting its anti-inflammatory effects.

It only takes a few hours before you will notice a reduction in the size and severity of the pimple that was injected.

After about 24 hours, the pimple will have pretty much completely disappeared.

With cortisone shots becoming increasingly popular, more and more dermatologists are now offering this treatment to their customers. However, you need to be very careful about which practitioner you choose, because going for someone inexperienced could leave you dealing with side effects.

What exactly are the side effects to this treatment?

If too much cortisone is injected into the skin, either due to a dilution that is too strong or treatments that are carried out too frequently, your pimple will leave behind a depression in your skin.

These do often clear away on their own, but the time it takes for this to happen can vary from a few weeks to six months. In some cases, the depression signifies a permanent loss of tissue, meaning that the effects are permanent.

Another side effect to be aware of, especially if you have a darker skin tone, is hypopigmentation. This is similar to hyperpigmentation, except that rather than leaving the skin with a dark spot, it leaves it with a light spot. Fortunately, this side effect is a temporary one that clears up on its own over time.

Don’t worry, so long as you opt for an experienced dermatologist, side effects are rare. In fact, cortisone shots can actually minimize your chances of experiencing scarring after a pimple has cleared. It can also be carried out anywhere on the face and body.

Do cortisone shots work for all types of spots?

No, they will only work on cystic acne breakouts, meaning those angry red pimples that form underneath the skin. If you are dealing with blackheads, whiteheads, or other types of spots, you would be best off opting for another form of treatment.

When it comes to an instant beauty fix, you can’t go wrong with these four treatments. They are absolutely ideal if you have a special event coming up, so make sure that you get yourself booked in soon!