At Introlift, we have a vast selection of facials for you to choose from, with each one designed to boost the skin in its own way.

When it comes to treating hyperpigmentation, our Brightening Facial is always a big hit. Why? Read on – we’re about to explain exactly how a brightening facial works, along with the many benefits that it’ll bring to your skin.

What is a Brightening Facial?

Brightening facials will vary depending on which medical spa you visit. At Introlift, our Brightening Facial consists of three different stages.

The first is a light chemical peel. With the help of kojic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin A, this peel removes the outer layer of the skin.

Even on its own, a chemical peel is extremely effective at producing brightening effects. However, those results are amplified when combined with the next step of our Brightening Facial; radio frequency skin tightening. This step makes use of a device that emits radio frequency energy, sending this deep down into your skin cells to stimulate certain cellular functions.

The final stage of our Brightening Facial is LED Light Therapy. Again, we use a specialized device for this. The light wavelength (aka color) that we use for your treatment will depend on the specific skin concerns that you want to target, since each wavelength affects different aspects of the skin.

Now that you know what’s involved in a Brightening Facial, it’s time to take a closer look at how each of those three stages benefit the skin.

What Exactly Does a Brightening Facial Do?

In some ways, a Brightening Facial is pretty self-explanatory; its aim is to brighten the skin. However, it also offers up a number of other, less obvious, benefits:

Fades Discoloration

Everyone’s skin contains melanin. This is the pigment that determines your skin color – the more melanin you have in your skin, the darker it will be. 

Usually, melanin is spread evenly across the skin. However, when skin cells are damaged or aren’t functioning in the way that they should, they can start to overproduce melanin. This leads to clusters of extra melanin gathering in certain areas of the skin, which gives those patches a darker and discolored appearance.

The main purpose of a Brightening Facial is to rectify this imbalance, and it does this in a few ways.

First up; the chemical peel. As mentioned above, the formula that we use in our Brightening Facial contains kojic acid. This acid works by inhibiting the creation of tyrosinase in the skin, which is the enzyme that’s responsible for melanin production. Not only does this prevent new dark spots from forming, but it also helps to lighten existing areas of discoloration. 

The vitamin A and vitamin C in the chemical peel aid in this too. Both vitamins work in different ways, but each one is capable of lightening darkened areas of skin while giving normal-colored skin a brighter and more radiant finish, with their effects doubling when they’re combined.

In addition to the chemical peel, the LED Light Therapy stage of our Brightening Facial can also target discolored areas of skin. If hyperpigmentation is your main concern, then we would use a green LED light for your treatment. This wavelength fades dark spots, prevents more discoloration from forming, and evens out the skin tone.

Gives the Skin a Smoother & Softer Texture

The outer layer of the skin contains a buildup of older and rougher skin cells, resulting in a bumpy and uneven skin texture. Regular exfoliation at home can help with this to an extent, but if you’d like to see an improvement in your skin’s texture ASAP, then a chemical peel is what you need.

When a chemical peel removes that rough outer layer of your skin, the newer, smoother, and softer skin cells beneath are revealed. 

The deeper the peel, the more dramatic the results are. However, medium and deep-strength peels also come with a longer downtime and more potential side effects. That’s why we use a light peel in our Brightening Facial – it still helps to smoothen out the skin’s texture in a big way, but without causing the irritation that stronger peels can trigger.

Tightens the Skin & Reduces Wrinkles

Chemical peels are great for people seeking anti-aging solutions. The way in which a peel deeply exfoliates the skin stimulates the production of collagen. As you likely know, collagen is one of the skin’s main proteins. It gives the skin structure from beneath. The more collagen in your skin, the smoother, firmer, and younger your skin will look.

That said, while a chemical peel may work well at tackling the onset of aging skin, our Brightening Facial targets this further with its radio frequency skin tightening treatment.

During the RF stage of your facial, we’ll use a device to gently heat up your skin’s dermis, which is its deepest layer. This is where collagen and elastin production takes place, and the heat speeds this process up. By boosting collagen and elastin levels in the skin, radio frequency treatments are able to volumize and tighten the complexion. In turn, this does away with fine lines and wrinkles since the skin takes on a firmer and more taut finish.

Of course, if you would like your Brightening Facial to provide even more anti-aging results, we can ramp these up further during your LED Light Therapy treatment. In this case, we would use a red LED wavelength. The absorption of this light into your skin stimulates the fibroblast cells. These cells are responsible for collagen production, which, again, tightens the skin and smooths away wrinkles.

While you will see an immediate improvement in how smooth and firm your skin looks after your Brightening Facial, these results will continue over time. Depending on your age, it can take anywhere between 4-12 weeks for the skin to build new collagen fibers, meaning that this is how long it will take for the full anti-aging effects of your Brightening Facial to be visible.

Minimizes Pore Visibility

There are a few different factors that contribute to enlarged pores, with the most common being excess sebum production. Not only does this stretch out pore openings, but it also causes clogged pores, both of which make the pores look much larger and more noticeable.

So, what can the Introlift Brightening Facial do about this?

For starters, chemical peels are great for unclogging blockages in the pores. They’re basically an intensified form of exfoliation, meaning that they’ll clear your pores right out. This immediately makes the pores look tighter and less visible.

However, as great as that may be, it doesn’t tackle the root cause of the problem; the over-production of sebum. That’s where LED Light Therapy comes in…

If excess sebum is a common problem for you, we’ll treat your skin with a blue LED light. This wavelength slows down the activity in the skin’s sebaceous glands. As a result, they don’t produce as much sebum as they used to, which means that your pores won’t need to expand quite so much.

Targets Acne

As you can imagine, reducing sebum production, along with the clogged pores that it comes with, has a significant effect on acne-prone skin. 

Acne breakouts emerge when bacteria mixes in with the blockages in pores, leading to inflammation. This means that doing away with the clogged pores stops acne in its tracks by preventing that inflammation from forming in the first place.

That said, not only does the blue LED light wavelength help to keep pores clear, but it can also destroy any acne-causing bacteria on the skin. It has anti-inflammatory effects as well. This enables it to soothe any inflammation that’s already occurring in your skin.

So, if you’re looking for a way to tackle your acne from different angles at the same time, a Brightening Facial could be just what you need.

Increases Absorption of Skincare Products

Does it sometimes feel as though your skincare routine isn’t as effective as it should be? 

This is a common complaint, and one reason behind it is that skincare products aren’t being fully absorbed into the skin. 

Why does this happen? Usually, because of blockages in pores. They prevent skincare products from diving down deep enough. Instead, only a small amount of product reaches where it needs to get to – everything else ends up mixing in with the clogs in your pores, resulting in rough, dull, and congested skin.

Daily cleansing and regular exfoliating can help with this. However, at-home formulas aren’t usually potent enough to remove deep blockages. This is why so many turn to professional chemical peels instead.

Once the Brightening Facial’s chemical peel has cleared out your pores, you can expect your skincare products to start working to their full potential. Maintain these results by staying on top of your cleansing and exfoliation regimen, while also booking yourself in for monthly Brightening Facials.

Relaxes Your Mind

So far, we’ve focused on the physical effects of our Brightening Facial. However, let’s not neglect its mental benefits either.

It’s common knowledge that stress isn’t good for the skin. Whether it be acne, excessive dryness, accelerated skin aging, or psoriasis breakouts, stress manifests in so many different ways, none of which you want to be dealing with.

This makes it so important to regularly take some time out to relieve yourself of any pent-up stress, and a facial is a great way to do this. 

Facials are extremely effective at reducing anxiety. They trigger the release of oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, which improves the mood and relaxes the mind. 

Not only will you feel much calmer and worry-free, but your skin will look all the better for it too!

Is a Brightening Facial Right for You?

Although primarily designed to treat hyperpigmented skin, the Introlift Brightening Facial offers a number of other benefits too. From softening the texture of the skin to reducing the onset of skin aging to soothing inflammation and acne, you can expect to see a variety of results post-treatment. And, thanks to how our Brightening Facial stimulates certain cellular functions deep down in the skin’s dermis, the changes that you see in your skin will only continue to improve over time.

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