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My First Time Getting Lip Fillers: Here’s What to Expect…

Let me begin by stating that I have never hated my lips. Yes, they may be a little thinner than my idea of the perfect pout, but I have always loved the shape of my lips, although I would love to just add little volume to make them more pronounced. Truthfully, it wasn’t until [...]

My First Time Getting Lip Fillers: Here’s What to Expect…2020-01-06T15:55:15+00:00

Botox for TMJ Relief

If you’re suffering from TMJ and have had just about enough of the relentless aching, here's some information on a surprising treatment that might just relieve those stubborn symptoms. That’s right, it’s Botox. You’re not alone in thinking it’s a treatment undergone exclusively for cosmetic reasons, but this procedure can actually be so instrumental [...]

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